Repair Skin With Plant Stem Cell

plant stem cell

Till now, we have been hearing about how human stem cells can help with fatal diseases—that’s because essentially, stem cells help replenish lost or dying cells. Since it’s impossible to use human stem cells in skin care products, scientists at beauty labs have looked at plants, fruits and flowers for harvesting stem cells. “Use of plant stem cells in creams and lotions has recently become huge practice. They have the ability to stimulate human stem cell growth and activate the process of repair and regeneration,” says Mumbai-based dermatologist, Dr Apratim Goel, founder, Cutis Clinic.

So the beauty companies are creating products with specialized peptides and plant stem cells which, when applied topically, help protect the human skin stem cells from damage and stimulate the skin’s own stem cells. For example, stem cells from the flower tuberose can help reduce skin irritation that generally leads to melanin over production that in turn cause age spots. So the flower petals are harvested and further treated with special nutrients and the stem cells are then extracted and put in your beauty lotions.

Similarly, another popular flower rose is used by companies to harvest skin benefitting cells. In fact, research shows that this exotic flower active reaches dermal stem cells very fast and raises the dermal cell activity within few days of usage. Green apple is another ingredient that is used by the beauty labs in a big way to extract stem cells, since apple contains major anti-ageing actives.

They improve skin’s ability to regenerate but also delay biological aging. The plant-based stem cells are botanical powerhouse which enhances surface skin renewal, replacing the uppermost dead cells with the new ones beneath.

It is now proven that plant-based stem cells penetrate into and work in the deepest layer of the epidermis and are very effective in healing visible skin problems like wrinkles, sun damage, and visible veins.