Repair Damaged Skin With Gold Micro Particles

Repair damaged skin with Gold Micro particles

What is it: In Indian beauty tradition using gold as an active to heal skin is nothing new. In the olden days people ingested micro doses of gold powder to improve immunity and make body stronger inside out. It was also known to give skin a lovely sheen. The modern scientists have found the benefits of the minerals in gold colloidal. Today scientists at the beauty labs are researching ways to deliver gold molecules directly to the cellular structure to improve its appearance and boost its structure.

How it works: Gold is known to improve blood circulation through the body, which means that it helps carry the oxygen molecules directly to the skin cells, thus boosting their structure. Pure gold particles in skin can actually reverse the damage done by free radicals, and slow down cell’s oxidation process, thus repairing skin damage.

Skin benefits:  The minerals in the gold go under the skin and repair sun damage, and have strong antibacterial properties. Gold particles also improve the lymphatic drainage of the skin and helps remove toxins from the skin and body better, which improves skin’s natural healing process. Once the skin is repaired inside out, the particles further help to add lustre to the skin. Real gold micro-particles infuse skin with vital nourishment and stimulates its natural regenerative processes, helping to restore the healthy translucence characteristic of fresh, young skin.

How best to use it: Since gold particles help reverse skin’s oxidation process and fight sun damage, it is best to wear a gold infused serum on your skin under your regular moisturiser before you head out during the day. Also every four weeks you can get professional help for your skin with gold facial for instant radiance.

Where to find it: Pond’s Gold Radiance Precious Youth Serum with Real Gold Microparticles; Shahnaz Husain Nature’s Gold Beautifying Mask