Remove Skin Impurities With Activated Charcoal

Get supple skin with Niacinamide

What is it: Derived from wood or bamboo, kaolinite and bentonite, the most potent form of activated carbon, charcoal is being touted as the latest in deep skin cleanser. It removes excess oil, grease and gives your skin a rosy glow. Activated charcoal is actually ground charcoal powder that has been activated or heated thus improving its capacity to attract dirt and grease molecules.

How does it work: Activated charcoal works by a process called adsorption, which means that charged molecules of charcoal pull the dirt molecules to the skin surface and stick to them. These can then be easily washed off with water. This action also tones your pores and makes your skin appear clearer. In fact you need to ensure that the activated charcoal product sits on your skin for longer time so that the oil, and dirt can stick to it effectively.

How it benefits: According to the R&D team of HUL India, ground charcoal absorbs excess sebum from your skin, and sloughs off blackheads. It helps draw out impurities, negates the effect of pollutants on the skin– think of it is a natural skin detoxifier. It is a good idea to use activated charcoal face wash every day and a mask twice a week if you suffer from greasy skin or clogged pores. For those who want a glowing supple skin in an instant, a weekly charcoal-based mask facial works wonders.

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