Rediscovering Passions: Keeping It Glowing With Narendra Kumar

Lockdown has taught us many things. ‘Taking one day at a time’ and finding passions are the most important lessons among those. Now is the time to reboot and reset, to learn new skills and get ready for the future. Maybe this is how we all will adjust with the new normal.

Endorphins To The Rescue 
Exercise and unlock the positive & happy endorphins that all of us could do with. Trust me, you’ll feel better about yourself (vs. sitting on a couch binge-watching Netflix). Yes, even if it’s a quick 30-minute workout, I make sure to get some mobility by engaging in push-ups, skipping, squats, sit-ups, crunches & planks.

Loading My Brain Up With Some Good stuff
The slowed-down pace of our routine has finally given us the opportunity to engage in something productive. Perfect for brushing up my skills and exploring new areas of interest.

Honing My Cooking skills
If there is one thing this lockdown has taught me, it is not to take my meals for granted anymore. We complain about things we get easily. Now that I am cooking my food myself, I realise the hard work that goes into it. The good thing is I find myself enjoying cooking (or maybe it’s just a survival process because I have no choice but to cook!). But I would like to believe that cooking is my new-found passion. 

That Old Beat-Up Guitar
Sitting in the corner of my house, an old guitar was gathering dust, time and memory. However poetic that may sound, I bet the string instrument felt happy when I picked her up and started playing. Turns out, I am quite musically inclined given the fact that I managed to complete level 1 and hit level 2 within a month.

We are so always on the go, in competition with deadlines keeping our focus entirely on the finishing line that we forget about the journey. We are learning this the hard way, at the cost of the normalcy that was so dear to us. Let’s make use of this learning. Let’s use this time in a more positive and constructive way so that we can engage ourselves mindfully in the present rather than worrying about the future all the time. Let’s rediscover our hidden passions, our own selves. 

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