Raise Your Hands If You Need Easy Yoga Breaks: #AtHomeGlow

You do not just need a break, you need yoga breaks, easy and relaxing. Let us tell you why. Whether you have a designated home-workstation or you work from your cosy couch, these days you are at home, all day long, leading a stationary life. Top it up with no real breaks or breaks continuously punctured with endless messages, ceaseless typing on your phone, or catching up on social media updates. The long calls, the constant juggling between household chores and work does not help either. The anxious nights often left you wondering where have all your breaks gone. Well, here we are, helping you with reclaiming your well-deserved breaks, with a few easy yoga poses. They need just a few minutes of your time and are completely doable no matter how busy you are.

Yoga Breaks With Seated Mountain Pose
When you are on a call for long and can’t afford to get up in between.

Follow This:
Reach up, over your head, with your palms facing each other
Sit tall, stretch, engage your rib cage
Spread your fingers (you can also interlock your fingers)
Soften the shoulders, move your head a little
Find your position with your head right above your heart
Hold your position and count until 10 before release

Helps improve posture (oh, don’t we all need this RN!)
Will help you keep calm and focused when practised regularly

Yoga Breaks With Seated Twist
When you feel a little anxious and need to open your chest up for a couple of deep breaths.

Follow This:
Sit straight and tall, with both your knees facing forward
Inhale, bring your left hand to your right knee
Rest your right hand on or down by your hip
Open up your chest by taking your right shoulder back and left, forward
Do not force your twist, just take it slow
Hold the pose for 5 breaths and switch side

Helps stretching your upper body
Improves the digestion process

Stretch Your Fingers
And get some much-needed relief from constant typing.

Follow This:
Stretch your arm to your front, palm facing upward
Fold your palm downward, back of the palm facing yourself
Bring your other hand, take the fingertips of the folded palm into it
Now pull your fingers towards you until you feel a stretch
Count until 10. Switch.

Helps to lower the risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
A great alternative of those stress balls if you don’t have any

Fold Yourself Forward
When you are off to make your tea and can actually spend a few minutes for yourself.

Follow This:
Stand straight
Inhale and reach up with your palms facing each other, just like mountain pose
You can look up if you want
Exhale and bend down keeping your knees straight
Try to touch the ground with your fingertips
Don’t worry if you can’t. They can just rest on your thighs or knees
Feel the stretch of your hamstrings and release

Helps make your spine strong and flexible
Reduces anxiety instantly

Now with these easy yoga breaks, unwind in an instant when you feel stressed out or bogged down by work. Force yourself to build this habit. Trust us, your work from home routine and your mind and body will benefit from this a lot.

Make sure you consult your physician before starting any new exercise.

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