Precious Scrubs You Need To Own

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Who doesn’t like a little bit of bling in life? They become even more meaningful when they add to the glow in your skin. It’s not just now, even in the olden days women used gold dust to enhance skin’s glow, or used diamond granules to exfoliate dead skin layer and brighten skin. Research shows that minerals, precious metals and gemstones when powdered and put in skin care products benefit skin in many ways. Precious metals like gold and silver improve hydration levels, while precious gemstones like diamond, pearl, tourmaline help in the skin renewal process. So here are some scrubs that shin and sparkle your skin:

  1. L’Oreal Paris Pearl Perfect Re-Lighting Whitening Scrub with pearl particles banishes blemishes.
  2. VLCC Gold Polishing Face Scrub with gold dust polishes your skin till it gleams.
  3. Shahnaaz Husain Diamond Plus Exfoliating Scrub with diamond dust re-texturises your skin.
  4. Aroma Magic Mineral Glow Scrub with rare minerals from the sea detoxes your skin and restores glow.