Post-Vacay Skin & Hair Recovery Tips

Post-Vacay Skin & Hair Recovery Tips

Beach vacays and solo trips do make great posts on Instagram. While holidays the hot season are a perfect detox for your mind, returning from them can leave you with other problems, especially if you’d have given your skincare and hair care routine a break. Here are some common post-holiday problems and how to fix them.

Dull face
Vacations take you places, but to those with weather and climatic conditions different from what your body is typically used to. Coupled with the exhaustion from long hours of travel or spending too much time outdoors, your face can turn dull and lifeless.

The quick fix? A good exfoliant. A gentle face scrub can get rid of dead skin cells, pollution particles, and build-up, leaving your face glowing again.

Dry skin
Just returned from a beach vacay? Salty air plus the dry environment within flight cabins could have stripped away moisture, leaving your skin dry and parched.

The solution – rehydrate with moisturising serums, lotions, or oils. Not just your face, but also your body. Remember to also drink plenty of water if you’d gulped down too many cocktails on your holiday.

Blame it on inadequate SPF or infrequent application, your skin’s suffered from prolonged exposure to harsh sun rays. Though actually a protective body mechanism, suntan and the resulting darkened skin isn’t a pleasant sight for most.

Here’s what to do. Replace formulations in your skincare routine with those that fade a tan. Using an anti-tan face pack or face mask once or twice every week can also help.

Tired feet
Not all vacations about spas and massages. Some are also about hiking trails or exploring places by walk. The result – tired and sore feet.

To de-stress your feet, soak them in lukewarm water with epsom salt. Follow with a good moisturising foot cream to keep them soft and supple.

Lacklustre hair
Well, for once, you may not have needed a texturising spray to get those beach waves. But underneath the Insta-perfect hairstyle lies tresses that have taken a beating from the sultry weather, sea sprays and salty water.

Here’s your fix – pamper your hair with a gold oil massage followed by shampoo rinse with a soothing formulation. For added moisture and shine, try a nourishing hair mask.

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