Post-Swim Repair Kit

Whether you like a quick dip or floating around lazily or do serious laps, swimming is a fun activity anytime of the year. But this healthy activity can be quite unhealthy for your skin and hair with the high levels of chlorine that our swimming pools are steeped in. Save your skin and hair after a swimming session with these:

  1. Skin Cottage Floral Fusion Body Scrub to slough off chlorine deposition on skin that makes skin appear dark.
  2. Kaya White Protect Body Lotion to ensure that your body does not get darkened due to sun and chlorine.
  3. L’Oreal Hydra Fresh All Day Hydration Deep Boosting Essence to restore moisture to your skin that gets dry due to chlorine exposure.
  4. Pantene Nature Fusion Fullness and Life Shampoo, a mild, paraben-free clarifying shampoo that washes off chlorine build-up from your hair and scalp.
  5. Himalaya Hair Detangler & Conditioner to smoothen and protect the strands.