The Ponytail trends you’ve got to try

It’s time to upgrade your ponytail – let it go from casual to ultra chic. This workout-staple style is going glam, and we see our leading ladies sporting glam versions with little twist here, and some tousling there.

The latest ponytails do look stylish but are easy to pull off – you need just few products and five minutes (mostly) and your ponytail is done. So go ahead take inspiration from the styles below and experiment with the ‘tail’.

JLo’s Straight Back Sleek Ponytail

It is a classic and one of the easiest ponytail styles to pull off. The hair is not very smooth, and the tail has some waves. This style looks great on girls with naturally wavy hair.

Spray some smoothing serum like Giovanni Frizz Be Gone Serum through your hair. Then comb your hair back and tie it in a ponytail high on the back of your head – a little above the centre. Take a curling iron like Philips Tulip Hair Curler and make loose curls in random sections of your hair. Open the curls and blend with the rest of the hair. Apply a little styling gel like Dermo Viva H2O Effect Styling Hair Gel Wet Look on the top of your hair to control flyways and shine.


Deepika’s Bouffant Ponytail

This harks back to the 60’s and is perfect if you have fine hair that tends to fall flat in a regular ponytail.

To create the style, first spray Organix Thick & Full Root Boosting Spray through your hair to lift your strands. Take a section of your hair from the top of your head, back comb it. Then make a small middle part or side part if you prefer in front and sweep all the hair in a low ponytail. Leave some front strands free to add movement to your style. Add shine to your strands with Toni & Guy Glamour Moisturising Shine Spray.


Aishwarya’s Sleek Low Ponytail

This is one polished style that is high on the glam quotient and super easy to pull off. You can wear this ponytail with your evening dress or a sheer cocktail saree, so versatile this is.

To cop this look spritz hair straightening serum like Giovanni Straight Fast Hair Straightening Elixir through the hair and then run Philips Kerashine Hair Straightener to get poker straight strands. Do a deep side part and then pull all the hair back in a low ponytail. Apply a glossing product like Wella Oil Refections Smoothing Oil on the top and through the ponytail to make it extra sleek.


Anushka’s Messy Ponytail

If you are suffering from a bad hair day and have no time to wash your hair then try this grungy ponytail.

Start by spraying a texturising product through your hair. Try Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray. Blow-dry your hair in random section and run your fingers through to further tousle the strands. Then scrape your hair back up into a high ponytail. Wrap a section of your own hair around the base of the ponytail to add some style.


Sonam’s Side Swept Ponytail

Such a retro style that works wonderfully with our ethnic attire. It works well on thick, wavy mid-length to long hair.

Start by loose waves through your hair. Apply some John Frieda Frizz Ease Original Serum through the length of your hair to tame the waves a little. Make a deep side part and sweep the hair on one side. Snag the ponytail just at the end of your ear. Use a pretty pony tie to dress it up. Apply bit more of the serum on top of your hair to smooth away baby hair and flyaways.


Jacqueline’s Star Wars Inspired Ponytail

This one is for those who love to play with their ponytails and then some!

To cop this style spray some Organix Brazillian Keratin Flat Iron Spray and then iron out all the kinks from your hair. Make four sections of your hair, starting from the front. Take the front two sections and make two ponytails on top. Then pull the two together and take the middle section at the centre of your had and make another ponytail. So that now you have three ‘tails’. You can use clear bands or a section of your own hair to tie the ponytails. Then merge the top ponytail and the bottom section of your hair at the back into a low ponytail. Run the flat iron through the final ponytail. Spray from shine serum like BBLunt Spotlight Polish Instant Shine Spray all over.