Plum Now Available At Health & Glow

At Health & Glow, we boast of a line-up of renowned and much-loved skin care, hair care, personal care, and cosmetic brands from around the world. We also welcome aboard new ones from time to time, and each of these entrants brings something unique and unmatched to the table. Today, it is time to welcome one such new member that brings with it lots of goodness for your skin. Say hello to Plum, a brand that is all about being good to yourself, to others, and the environment. What’s more? It is the launch week and you get to treat yourself to a 20% discount on any Plum product that you pick on the site or the app until August 16, 2017.

The Plum Goodness

If you have the habit of reading labels, you would know that not all products are made equal and that some of them contain ingredients that may not really be healthy for your skin or hair. This is where Plum stands out. From cleansing lotions to toners, moisturisers, day and night creams, face packs, body washes, body butters, and 100% mineral Kohl, it brings you products that are free from paraben, SLS, phthalate, and propylene glycol. Be it dry, oily, normal, combination, or even sensitive, this brand has got every skin type covered.

Also, most of what goes into making these skin care stuff is natural and organic, and whatever is synthetic, is still safe for use. There are no animal ingredients, and neither are the products tested on animals. So if vegan is your choice, Plum is what you need to pick.

Plum isn’t just about being good to yourself, but also to others and the environment. That’s exactly why the brand uses only recycle-able packaging free from PVC, ABS, and SAN. It is also a member of ‘One Percent For The Planet’, and the first beauty brand to give away 1% of its sales to environmental causes.

Quite excited about all that goodness, ain’t we? So, why wait? Visit our store, web or mobile app, and grab your favourite Plum product right away! Click the link to download the H&G app