Plagued with Under Eye Dark Circles? Here’s How You Can Keep Them at Bay

dark circles

Blame it on the long working hours, new motherhood, poor sleep patterns or just the inevitable process of ageing, we have all at some point woken up to the unsightly reality of under eye dark circles fettering our looks. And once they make an appearance, those stubborn dark patches just refuse to fade away. If you too have been grappling with dark circles, here are a few makeup hacks and tips to not let them get in the way of refreshing, glowing look:

Include under eye creams in your skincare regime
Of course, your primary endeavour should be to get rid of those nasty dark circles in the long run. Under eye creams specially designed for the delicate layer of skin around the eyes are a sure-fire solution for fading out dark circles and puffiness with continued use. Pick out one that suits your skin type and apply twice a day. For best results, apply small dots in the affected area after cleansing your face and then massage it in with your fingertips until the cream is fully absorbed.

Use a foundation with good coverage
Finding the right base for your makeup is key for effectively masking those dark circles. Begin with a good coverage foundation, like the Chambor Enriched Revitalizing Makeup Foundation, that is designed to conceal skin imperfections and signs of ageing but at the same time sits seamlessly on your face.

Concealer is your best friend
Anyone with persistent dark circles would swear by the usefulness of the right concealer in making dark circles fade into oblivion. Try the BeYu Hydro Miracle Concealer in miracle peach to lighten the under eye skin. The peach shade is perfect to hide those tawny brownish eye bags and the hydrating formula makes it suitable for all skin types.

Experiment with contouring
One of the oldest tricks in every makeup artist’s book is to highlight the flawless regions to deflect attention from the imperfection. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with contouring with a versatile product like the Maybelline New York Facestudio V Shape Duo Contour. It adds depth and definition to your facial features, so those dark circles take a backseat.

Try DIY home remedies
If you are a fan of home remedies and have the time and patience to keep up with them, there are a lot of ingredients in your kitchen pantry that can help you fade dark circles. One of the most popular home remedies is to massage the affected area with equal quantities of coconut and almond oil and then letting it sit on your skin for an hour. Applying a mix of lemon and tomato juice and leaving it overnight also helps, as does placing a slice of cold raw potato on the under eye area.

For best results, find a meeting ground between DIY remedies and expert formulated under eye creams. Until those dark circles fade away, these makeup hacks have got you covered.

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