Pick These 5 Body Scrubs For Soft, Glowing Skin

Exfoliation is not just for your face. Your body needs it, too, especially if you’re dealing with dryness, rough patches, or even itchiness. Any moisturiser that you put on top will not be able to do its job properly unless you remove the build-up of dead skin. That’s where a good body scrub comes in. Not only does it ensure that your skin overall is smooth and less flaky, but you can also use it pre- and post-hair removal to prevent razor burn and ingrown hair. 

But first, let’s look at the advantages of body scrub for different types of skin. For Oily Skin, a body scrub that includes exfoliants is the way to clear dead skin cells. For dry skin, look for exfoliant scrubs that remove dry, flaky skin and dead skin cells, soothing and moisturising for good skin regeneration and protection against ageing. For normal to combination skin, a well-balanced body scrub with natural exfoliating and hydrating ingredients will help to support all areas.

But, when it comes to body scrubs, the first question that pops up is which ones scrub up best? With something to suit every skin type and budget, today’s offerings boast a wide range of beauty benefits from scrubbing off dead skin cells to improving circulation and revealing brighter healthier-looking skin. But, which are worth investing in though?

Here are the best body scrubs for your most gorgeous skin yet,  available only at Health and glow. Keep scrolling to find out. 

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Health & Glow Shower Scrub Berry Fusion
Utilizing the power of natural microbeads to buff away dull patches, this scrub quite literally melts into the skin and to also provider deep hydration. Doesn’t that sound lovely? Plus, it’s infused with berry extracts to repair, condition, and soften your skin and are free of parabens! 

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Fruit Works Mandarin & Neroli Body Scrub
A body scrub fortified with argan oil, vitamin E and biodegradable microbeads. This scrub is formulated with no nasties and is super gentle, meaning you can use it every day. Coming in three iconic scents – Mandarin & Neroli, Coconut & Lime and  Strawberry & Pomelo fragrances, you will be spoilt for choice. Lathering into a creamy foam, it leaves the skin truly polished and quenched. 

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 Fruit Works Coconut & Lime Body Scrub
Another favourite from Fruit Works, this scrub exfoliates using coconut and lime and helps to firm up skin that has lost elasticity with the help of essential oils and vitamin E. The lasting feeling of hydration this scrub leaves behind is amazing,  thanks to the nourishing Marula oil.

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Skin Cottage Body Bath Scrub Strawberry Yoghurt Essence
A shower gel and exfoliator hybrid formula, this scrub is packed with a unique blend of floral extracts and is scented with strawberry yoghurt essence. Yep, it smells as delicious as it smoothens on the body.

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Health & Glow Shower Scrub Kiwi Fusion
Another paraben-free formula with kiwi extracts which makes this body scrub a perfect option for effective exfoliating sans irritation. Massage it onto wet skin, rinse off and you’ll be amazed by how smooth your skin feels.

Taking the time to massage a scrub around your body not only leaves you with soft, supple and glowing skin, but it also gives you a moment of self-care. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that when we encounter contact with our skin, our brains release a hormone called oxytocin, which results in positive thoughts and happy feelings. Interesting, isn’t it? Now that you know, what are you waiting for? Pick the one that suits you best. 

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