Perfumes With Indigenous Origins: Ajmal

Not often in life will you come across a perfume brand that was started by a farmer. Most perfumes are either extension lines of a luxury brand or the fancy of a Hollywood celebrity, but Ajmal Perfumes has a different story to tell.
It all started when Ajmal Ali, a farmer from Assam moved to Mumbai to try his luck as a perfume trader. Young Ajmal was certain that he could eke out a living by selling ‘agarwood’ or ‘oudh’ (abundantly present in Assam) to Arab traders who held a soft spot for India’s aromatic flora. He was right. After successfully starting his perfume range in Mumbai in the early 1950s, Ajmal moved bases to Dubai in 1976. Today the company is renowned across the middle-east for its alluring fragrances.
Check out our picks from their present range, they’re sure to win over your olfactory senses.

For the extremely special womenfolk in your life

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Ajmal Blu Eau De Parfum For Women
With fresh notes of rose and sage in the top, invigorating notes of cedar wood and jasmine in the middle and warm notes of cashmere wood and moss in the base, this fragrance is for women who do not do basic.

For the irreplaceable menfolk in your life

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Ajmal Bastion Eau De Parfum For Men
Gift this mix of zesty citruses, resplendent pineapples and warm woods to a man who is as cool as the rap artists. Its light but snappy aroma is great for summers and most likely to be adopted as a signature scent.

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Ajmal Titanium Eau De Parfum For Men
Know a man who dresses to the nines? Get him this green lime and juniper fragrance, with middle notes of jackfruit and nutmeg and a base of musk and sandalwood to complete his dapper attire with an equally captivating smell.


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