Perfect Your Man Scent

Perfect your man scent
Look Good, Smell Better

Own your personal scent. And no, we don’t mean body odour, exactly the opposite. We are saying smell well; are you as conscious about the way you smell? Because the way you smell can make a huge impact on how others perceive you, and in turn how you feel about yourself. Smelling good can do a lot your self-esteem and outlook. Here’s how you can ensure you always smell gorgeous:

Personal hygiene: The most effective way to smell good is to have good personal hygiene. Daily showers with a good deodorant soap will ensure you are always clean and fresh. Lather well, removing all sweat and grime. Rinse thoroughly and dry well. Also, showering just before you go out will keep you smelling good while you are out.

Shampoo regularly: Washing your hair regularly will remove all sweat, dirt and excess oil, which can make your hair greasy and smelly. Use a good shampoo for your hair type and follow up with a suitable conditioner. These measures will ensure your hair is clean and manageable. You will also find it easier to style clean hair.

Deodorant or antiperspirant: Choose carefully – while an antiperspirant will prevent sweating, a deodorant will mask any odours. Some antiperspirants also contain a deodorant so it will offer dual benefits. Always apply these just after a shower in the morning and again in the evening. And carry one with you when you go out, to reapply and stay fresh and dry.

Dental health: Always brush your teeth and floss regularly to maintain good dental health and avoid bad breath. Brushing your teeth after a meal will remove food particles that may cause dental problems and bad breath. Use a mouthwash every day and carry mouth fresheners or mints when you go out.

Foot fetish: Keep your feet scrupulously clean. Don’t wear the same shoes every day; always wear clean socks, and use a foot spray if you tend to have sweaty feet. Keep your nails short and neat, heels callus free, and toes corn-free.

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