Perfect-Brow Grooming Gear

Go Natural - Sunflower Oil

When your brows are in top shape, it opens up your looks, adding more character or even attitude. But it’s not always easy to rush to your brow expert to keep them well groomed. What you need are few key products that let you cheat a bit here and there and ensure that they strays don’t spoil your brow look. To stay trendy try brows with medium thickness and soft arches at the highest point of your brow bone. Your brow kit should have:

  1. Use Bare Essentials Precision Tweezer to create a soft arch just above your brow bone. Pull out strays from above and under your brows to maintain shape.
  2. Use the eyebrow groomer comb-like Health & Glow Eye Groomer Brush to brush the brows upwards.
  3. Apply Maybelline Fashion Brow Pencil in Brown to fill in the gaps in your brows. Use light strokes in the direction of the hair then use the smudger to blend.
  4. Blend in a sheer highlighter like Lakme Absolute Color Illusion Pearl Shadow in Starlight Pearl under your brow arches to highlight its shape.