Pantone 2020: How To Incorporate Classic Blue Into Hair & Makeup

Classic Blue – a ‘reflective blue tone’ that exudes calmness, serenity, tranquillity, and dependability – has aptly been chosen by Pantone as the colour for 2020, and more importantly, for the beginning of a new decade. Like every other faithful Pantone follower or colour-trend addict, we’re eager to add this hue into our possessions right away. So, we scoured Instagram for inspiration on how to wear Classic Blue on our skin, hair, and more. Here’s what we found.

A blue that is drop-dead gorgeous. We’re so smitten by Kriti Sanon’s smokey eye look that we can’t wait to try it out right away! Even if it means spending a bomb on eyeshadow palettes and blending brushes, watching countless DIY makeup videos online, or nagging that MUA friend to recreate this look on our eyelids for her next tutorial video!

We wouldn’t have second thoughts about wearing this one to work, a date night, or even the weekend brunch with the lady squad. For, black eyeliners deserve a break once in a while. And neither is the colour nor the flick over-the-top to be reserved for a special occasion.

The no-brainer way to wear Classic blue on your nails? Smear every one of them in your favourite blue polish. The out-of-the-box means? Create a gradient with a different shade on each nail, like this one.

Or play around with the finishes. Matte blue contrasted with glittery blue on the ring fingers.

Classic blue may not be one of those colours that pop up in your mind when you think of hair colours. But these subtle highlights are definitely worth a try on Indian hair. Notice how the deep blue strands tease your eyes from in between the natural hair colour.

And if you’re up for something more dramatic, here’s a cool blue hair inspo to share with your stylist.

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