Oily Face In Summer? Your Routine May Be To Blame

Oily Face In Summer? Your Routine May Be To Blame

You may love the sun, but no one’s ever a fan of the ‘shine’ that it brings to the face. Thanks to increasing humidity levels and heat, the sebaceous glands go on an overdrive in summer, turning your skin oilier than usual. The problem is best addressed with tweaks in skincare (and makeup) routines. So, make sure that you aren’t committing any of these mistakes.

You cleanse too often
As tempted as you may be to rid the skin of oil and shine, washing your face too many times during the day can strip it of natural moisture, causing sebaceous glands to produce more oil. Cleansing twice a day is good enough but remember to choose a face wash that’s gentle, effective and suitable for your skin type. For all other times, use a face mist or a toner.

You use creams from winter
The emollient-rich moisturisers and creams that hydrate your skin in winter aren’t your besties for summer. They can be counter-productive to all the efforts you put in to keep the skin shine-free.  During the hot season, give heavy creams a break and use lightweight, water-based formulations instead. You can even consider switching to a watery serum at night.

Your skin has forgotten what rejuvenation feels like
Can’t remember the last time you used a face mask? Well, it’s no wonder that your complexion has taken a beating. Using serum-infused face mask sheets can work wonders in keeping your skin healthy and shine-free during summers. Clay masks are a boon for oily skin and do a fantastic job at sucking out all the extra oil and impurities from the face.

You rely on heavy makeup
Summer calls for improvement not just in your skincare routine but also your makeup. Using heavy and full-coverage products in a bid to give your skin that flawless look will only worsen problems like streaks, patches, and clogged pores. Instead, use light foundations or tinted moisturisers. Matte makeup is great for oily skin and natural-finish products, for everyone else. But if you’re really not a fan, here’s a fix – use a mattifying primer and continue with your makeup routine as usual. This will help your face stay oil-free for a longer time.

Got more tips on what you shouldn’t do in summer? Share your thoughts with us below!

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