Oh My Beard!

The beard is back, but don’t end up looking like a caveman.

The beard has had a long and masculine history. The most powerful cultures in history like the Egyptians, Greeks and Indian’s grew their beards long and healthy – as a sign of wisdom, dignity, and influence. Nowadays we just grow them to look good. Below we outline a few tips to keep your beard polished and proper. No one likes the homeless look!

1.) Wash

Your beard shouldn’t be neglected. Daily grim and food has a way of getting stuck in there. So lather it up your beard using a moisturising beard shampoo.


2.) Dry

Let your beard dry completely before doing any cutting or trimming. If you shape it when wet, it will throw off all your efforts.


3.) Trim

Cutting & Trimming
Unless your freehand game is strong, we suggest getting a beard-shaping tool/comb. It’s all about the angles. Starting with the section closest to your ear, comb your beard out. Use your clippers to trim away the hair that still shows in the comb. Start little by little. This is supposed to take time. After, take your beard-shaping tool, outline your sideburns and jaw line, trim to get the desired shape.
Tip: When using clippers start with the biggest clip and work your way down to avoid any hack jobs.


Comb It Out
Comb through your beard again and make sure everything is symmetrical.


5.) Shave

Hair-Free Zones
Use shaving gel and a razor; shave the rest of your neck and cheeks where hair doesn’t need to be. Apply a moisturising lotion to your skin and some beard oil to your beard and you are ready to go!