New Beauty Trends That Are Making Their Marks In 2021


The advent of a global pandemic might have put beauty on the back seat for a bit but come 2021 we see a massive skin care and make-up renaissance—perfectly adapted to a masked lifestyle.

Here’s a round-up of the new beauty trends that are already making their presence felt and are sure to grow on you soon.


Beauty face masks for Maskne
While face masks help fight the pandemic, beauty face masks (sheet and otherwise) will help you fight the breakouts these facial coverings usher in at times. Nourishing and calming face sprays will also aid in fighting skin irritation caused by these inescapable accessories.


Transfer-proof Make-up
You might not have paid attention to the transferring prowess of your make-up yet but its stains on your face masks will soon drive you to the transfer-proof section. Kiss-proof liquid lipsticks have already hit the top charts and we are sure other vanity kit items will soon follow suit.


Glitzy Gadgets
Periodic lockdowns have taught us many at-home beauty treatments, and we will only be upskilling moving forward. With beauty gadgets like hair-zapping lasers and micro-current devices leading the way, gizmos are likely to replace salon appointments in the foreseeable future.


Eyes for the Prize
Eye make-up has been unaffected by the havoc 2020 brought it and will continue to stay kickass in 2021 too. We believe it will only get more elaborate and fun with false eyelashes, graphic shapes and funky liners.


More Matte, Less Shine
Shiny shall soon be shunned and everything matte will make a mark. So, go easy on the highlighter in the coming days and make no make-up makeup your mantra. Just remember natural is nice again and you’re not a disco ball.


Plant-based Products
Don’t be late to this party because the green beauty market is growing at a ginormous pace. Plant-based products shy away from toxic chemicals unlike most mass-market products and also avoid ingredients involving animals in any way. In 2021, keep an eye out for vegan skin care.

Keeping up with the pace, we have launched a host of brands that are vegan, cruelty-free and nasties free. From skin care to hair care, we are sure that these newly launched brands will pretty soon become your beauty staples.

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