New Beauty Launches You Need To Try: The Homegrown Edit

If you’d like to hold on to that patriotic fervour stirred up by Independence Day, we suggest you indulge in some home-grown beauty products. After all ‘Made in India’ isn’t just a great jam, it’s a lifestyle you can totally get used to. And in case you need help to steer through the mushrooming world of beauty brands—we are here. 

Here are some hand-picked brands, that promise cruelty-free, organic and clean products that are all made in our precious Bharat.

Earth Rhythm 
The brand claims to be India’s first brand to invest in independent clinical trials and results. They are as concerned about your skin as they are for the planet, and believe in smart and safe skincare. Try out their range that covers everything from hair to toe. You can also choose from our favourites.

Offering a limited but carefully crafted range of products for skin, hair and body, this brand swears by all things natural. Their promise reads – ‘Natural to the last drop’! We are particularly fond of their mom and baby range which uses virgin coconut oil (for babies) and an array of natural oils to treat stretch marks (for mommies).

Named by combining the words ‘Spa’ and ‘Tantra’, Spantra wants you to connect with nature for hair and body care. The brand specialises in unisex natural products. Its haircare range uses potent ingredients like red onion oil, rice water, apple cider vinegar to nourish your locks, and the skincare range utilises the goodness of neem, tea tree, olive and almond oil for your face.

Neemli Naturals
A home-grown brand based in Bandra, Mumbai—Neemli Naturals uses just plant-based ingredients and doesn’t compromise on product quality. The brand’s only aim is to provide long-term toxin-free skincare to everyone. All their products are sustainably sourced, environment-friendly, safe and effective. They have a wide range of products that treat everything from wrinkles, scars to pits. Check them out.

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