Nailing It On The Runway

The Paris Haute Couture Week 2017 saw some of the best designs from the biggest names in the fashion industry. But it wasn’t the clothes that caught my eye, what caught my attention were the nails! While the simple and short cut nails made a comeback, the bright lacquers didn’t disappoint either.

While the Razor Sharp pointy nails with bold colours were perfect – make you feel like a villainous vixen, the simple clean nails with nude tones prove they never go out of fashion. Blues to have gone metallic! Off all these trends, there is this one manicure that is simply fascinating – the Garden Nail Art, donned by the models from the American Luxury Label Rodarte.

Rodarte’s heavy floral show was the talk of the town. Not only did their beautiful dresses and makeup had a heavy show of the tiny delicate flowers, the luxury label also debuted the garden inspired nails designed by talented nail artist, Tracey Lee.

Today we bring to you an artistic mix of Garden Inspired Nails with Blue Sapphire Nails.

Things you will need:
Base Coat
Sapphire Blue Nail Polish
Faux flowers
White Nail Polish
Dotting Tool
Blue and Gold Rhinestones
Top Coat

Let’s get started:
Base coat

Start by applying a base coat to prevent your nails from staining. Once completely dry, add 2 coats of blue nail polish.

dried flower

Now cut a dried flower set in a desired shape.  We don’t need too much, just enough to cover the cuticle area.

dried flowers on nails

Add a blob of top coat and with the help of tweezers place the floral bouquet over the nail and press it hard. Make sure it’s stuck tight.

garden nails
Using a dotting tool create random chains of tiny daisies like shown in the image.

add stones
To add some bling to the manicure, add a rhinestone in the middle of every flower. Apply a tiny dot of clear polish and place the stone using a rhinestone picker.

Your manicure is ready to rock the runway!