Must Try Beauty Hacks Beauty Bloggers Swear By

Well, it’s time to turn on that do-it-yourself mode! ‘Cause we are here with some really useful beauty hacks coming straight from the pro – the fashion and beauty bloggers. A few tricks and hacks might make you wonder if you are going mad but let’s just stay positive and keep believing in the magic of home remedies!

Rose Water Miracles at Home

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Rose water performs a number of miracles on your skin.

After a long day at work, come home and let rose water take away the tiredness and puffiness around your eyes. No sooner than applying the rose water, it adds an instant glow to your face. It doesn’t only soften the dry skin, but also helps to remove the remnants of your make up. Our beauty blogger Shalini Srivastava shares her expert advice with us on the many miraculous uses of rose water.

So, before hitting the parlour next time, try these hacks at home and forget your way to the parlour!

Shine Them Bright

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Worried about your teeth becoming pale?

As Michelle Phan suggests, try using a banana peel over your teeth. Keep it on for 10 minutes. Then wash it off and brush. The potassium, magnesium and manganese in the peel are absorbed by your teeth, making them become whiter naturally.

You can also try rubbing lemon or orange peels against your teeth. This helps to whiten the enamel. But it is very important to rinse your teeth properly right after doing this because the acid can chip away at the enamel. Using this hack twice a week should do the trick!

Last it Gently

Bloggers Beauty Hacks

Who doesn’t crave for thicker eye lashes to go with that perfect eye liner!

But we all know the real story, right?

Hear it out from Christiana Molina what you should do the next time you are applying mascara! Just add some baby powder with a Q-tip and cover it with another couple of swipes to add both length and volume to your eye lashes.

Every Day is Great Hair Day

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Having volume is the ultimate need for all those with thin hair! A suitable hair cut helps, but not for long enough! And so, we have a few hacks from beauty blogger Lauren Conrad.

What else adds volume to your hair is blow drying it by sectioning off the strands and directing the hot air directly to the roots and towards the scalp. This technique adds height to your crown.

Another trick, very in right now, is the use of beer. The yeast content in beer helps to plump up the limp strands. Add it to your oil and let the mixture sit for at least 15 minutes.

Open up Your Pores:

Beauty Hacks Beauty Bloggers Swear

Have a party at night but you’re too busy to visit the parlour? No worries! We’ve got the perfect beauty hack for you to get a fresh look at home.

Open up your pores not only for a better clean but also to bring out that radiance hiding within your skin. Place a clean towel over a clothes steamer and hold it six inches away from your face for a quick spa at home! Or, follow the tricks and hacks suggested by Chriselle here!