Move Over K-Beauty, It’s J-Beauty’s Time to Shine

japanese beauty

Just as much as we love sushi and saké, green tea and maki, we have to confess that the Land of the Rising Sun is more than just delicious food and quirky culture. Off late, the new buzzword that has taken the beauty segment by a storm is J-beauty – successor to 2017’s K-beauty (Read more here).

Fret not! K-beauty isn’t going anywhere. However, J-beauty is all set to change 2018’s beauty game. Take note, beauty junkies! You may soon see your Instagram feed swarmed with women flaunting fine porcelain skin, flawless beauty, and lustrous locks. The sudden influx of ‘Made in Japan’ beauty and skincare products may be overwhelming, but let’s uncover what the whole hype is all about.

From the past

Japanese beauty isn’t something new; it’s just been understated for years and has recently made its way into the mainstream with all spotlights on it. Age-old rituals, ground-breaking formulations, and double-cleansing beauty routines are all part of the revolutionary Japanese skincare regime.

While K-beauty is recognised for their fun and innovative products, J-beauty products are popularly seen as chic and advanced. A strong emphasis on hydration, nature-based ingredients and texture make Japan a skincare haven.

Whether it’s creating an exfoliating facial blend or emulsifying cleansing oil, the Japanese believe in all things natural. From using rice bran powder in exfoliants to vitamin and mineral-rich sea vegetables to draw out toxins from the skin, they have done it all.

From discovering herbs like ginseng for anti-ageing to green tea extracts for its antioxidant properties and saké for its moisturising effect, organic skincare products is definitely the next big thing in Japan’s beauty scene.

Wondering how you can get the radiant, youthful and bright skin? We’re all set to decode a skin-saving regime Japanese women swear by – Double Cleansing.

We cannot stop stressing on the importance of cleansing every day. The trick to cleansing correctly is to find a cleanser that suits your skin type, especially if you have concern-prone skin.

Step I: Start by removing your makeup with an oil-based cleanser or balm. Don’t be in a hurry. Give your skin the love it deserves. You don’t want clogged pores and breakouts. The Lakme deep cleansing milk suits all skin types and will leave your skin moisturised. Just like J-beauty products, it is formulated with natural avocado extracts. 

Step II: Find a foam-based, hydrating cleanser to get rid of the dirt and other residues. This will have a moisturising effect on your skin, thus leaving it soft and supple, for as long as you get your beauty sleep. Colorbar’s hydrating foam cleanser is all you need to give your skin a refreshing bloom. The water-like texture removes excess oil and pore-clogging residue.

Care for your skin just like the Japanese do! Explore an entire range of cleansers for an even-toned, brighter skin.

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