Mood-Matching Lippies You’ve Gotta Have

Mood-Matching Lippies You've Gotta Have

The long, sultry days of summer are long gone. And the days of hazy sunshine and grey skies casting a slightly gloomy vibe are upon us. As you try to fight off the winter blues, your mood is bound to swing to extremes, going from feisty and peppy to sulky and melancholic at the drop of a hot. Picking out the right pop of colour for your appearance can work wonders in keeping you upbeat and positive. Here are seven different lipstick shades that could bring on the desired effect:

Berry shades complement the party mood perfectly by adding a rich, seductive and plumped up dimension to your face.

If you are in the mood for some royal pampering, add a touch of opulence to your look with a hint purple a colour that signifies the rarities of nature, luxury, and nobility.

Hot Pink
Hot pink a must-have that works perfectly for every mood, making it your go-to choice for days when you are struck by a swing of indecisiveness. Be it a date, a lunch outing or a wild night of partying, you can never go wrong with hot pink.

Deep Brown
When in doubt wear a brown! If you are feeling too low to play with vibrant colours but don’t want your face to give away your real emotions, turn to a deep brown and it will never let you down.

Coral Red
Oh, the vibrancy of a crimson coral red on your lips! This has to be your go-to choice for times when nothing else makes your feisty spirit come alive.

Ever thought of wearing a metallic hue on your lips? Keep it handy and try it on with elan when you are feeling adventurous and rest assured you’ll make heads turn wherever you go.

Rose Gold
Feeling like a diva? Look the part too with a hint of rose gold lipstick that will illuminate your face as if a dozen twinkling lights were shining on it.

No matter what the mood or occasion, the perfect lipstick can make all the difference. Which ones of these are you adding to your kitty?

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