Here Is Your Monthly Hair Care Regime

Dry, Oily, Wavy or Straight; your hair needs help.

Taking care of your hair is right up there with taking care of your health and your skin. Who doesn’t want healthy gorgeous vibrant hair? Everyone wants it. By following the steps and tips we have gathered, you are in for a good hair day for life.

Know your hair type
What kind of hair do you have? Is it oily or dry? Straight or Wavy? Thick? Fine? Finding out your hair type will help you choose your hair care regime for selectively, which will help your overall hair health. Once you have found out your hair type, make sure to buy products that cater to your hair problem and your hair type i.e., hair loss or flaky hair.


There is no perfect hair washing formula, you are the best judge of your own dirty hair. Just keep in mind that washing it too much will dry out your natural oils and washing it after a long time will just be gross. The “best” would be 2-3 times a week for dry hair or once every two days for oily hair. Use dry shampoo in-between washes.


Keeping your hair moisturised, even if you have oily hair is very important. It helps to restore your natural oils that you have shampooed out. Avoid applying conditioner to your roots as that can create very oily hair. If you have dry hair choose a hydrating conditioner and if you have oily hair use a lightweight water based conditioner.


Hair Spa
Oil your hair once a week, if you have oily hair oily it once every two weeks. Regular usage of oil also keeps your hair strong and healthy.
Use a deep conditioning hair mask once a month to help make your hair strong, bouncy and shiny, while simultaneously dealing with dandruff, damaged hair, and hair fall control.


It’s important to always use heat serum before using any hair tools. We can’t avoid our styling too so it’s necessary to protect our hair from the extra heat. Sprays, pomades, serums and gels with the least amount of alcohol can be used while styling hair.


Monthly Trim
Trimming your hair monthly will also help your hair grow and keep it healthy from split ends.