Monsoon Rituals: At Home Foot Spa

The monsoon makes us want to stay indoors and cosy up with a good book or television show while sipping hot chai and enjoying the sound of the rain against the rooftops and windows. It is also the perfect season for some at-home pampering and self-love! Although humidity can cause chaos to the skin and hair, the plus side of the rainy season is that you don’t feel like running around too much. It is a season for contemplation, creation and some much-needed quiet.

One of our favourite monsoon rituals is to give our feet a break from all that running around and treat them to a luxurious and cooling spa-like experience in the comfort of our own homes. Start off with an instantly relaxing foot soak. Fill a bucket or vessel with hot water and some bath or foot salts and your favourite essential oils. We are partial to refreshing peppermint, relaxing lavender and zingy citrus oils. Lay back, close your eyes and zone out!

Once you’ve had your fill, or in about 15 minutes, whichever comes first, use a foot scrub like this one from Health & Glow to get rid of any dry and rough patches. Then, use a thick foot cream and massage it well into your feet. Some of our favourites are this one from See See infused with the magic of the Dead Sea and this one from Aroma Magic, with extracts of camphor, mint and thyme. You can even use Vaseline for this step. Immediately after this, wear the thickest pair of socks you can find, leave them on overnight and you will wake up with renewed and baby-soft feet that you won’t be able to stop touching!

For those who have treated their feet extra badly, there are some additional things you can do to help. Korean brand Its Skin make a foot peel which exfoliates dead skin cells, leaving your feet nourished. Footlogix’s Seaweed Scrub is also an excellent exfoliator and detoxifier, with ingredients derived from the ocean. If you have a problem with smelly feet, Footlogix also makes a foot deodorant spray with antifungal and anti-inflammatory tea tree oil to help you banish the stink.

Pretty up your feet by making sure your toe-nails are regularly trimmed and throw on a coat of bright nail-paint! The bleak and grey monsoon may get you down but a flash of pink, orange or yellow on your toes will keep your mood bright and cheery and see you through to the end of the rains.

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