Men’s Care: Summer Notes To Wear

The summer sun is beating down on us once again, and that means the sweaty, sultry days are making a coming back after a stretch of cool grey winter skies and refreshing spring. Men’s care routine needs an important upgrade at this time of the year. Adding a refreshing, lasting fragrance to your everyday grooming ritual can not only infuse a fresh burst of energy in your being but also augment your appeal manifold. 

Be it during workouts, a regular day at the workplace or a date with someone special, the right fragrance is a trusted ally you shouldn’t go without. More importantly, your choice of fragrance has to be in tune with the season. Now, is the time to move those heavy, musky notes to the back of the shelf, and replace them with refreshing, zesty counterparts. 

If your wardrobe is lacking on that account, here are our top picks of summer notes you cannot go wrong with: 

Davidoff Horizon Eau De Toilette For Men

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You know you cannot go wrong with a trusted name like Davidoff. An EDT inspired by the strength of nature, Horizon by Davidoff reiterates that belief. The energising top notes of ginger and rosemary offer just the kind of freshness you need to combat the sultriness of the summer. Masculine bases of cedarwood and vetiver, along with the sensual hit of rich cocoa, make this the perfect summery fragrance for evening wear. 

Whether you’re going on a date or heading out to an important event, this is a concoction you cannot go wrong with. 

Ajmal Bastion Eau De Parfum For Men

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Nothing works better than a strong hint of freshness to lift your spirits and boost your confidence during those sweaty summer afternoons. Ajmal Bastions EDP delivers it to the T. With a blend of zesty citrus and radiant pineapple notes rounded off with a distinctive warm woody fragrance, this perfume is ideal for daytime use during the thick of summer. 

The aroma is light yet long-lasting enough to keep you feeling fresh through the day. 

Police Icon Gold Eau De Parfum For Men

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A round-up of top perfumes for men wouldn’t be complete without a mention of an iconic fragrance brand like Police. Its Icon Gold EDP fits the bill of refreshing summer notes perfectly. This citrusy fragrance is formulated with complex notes of pink pepper, nutmeg, cardamom, combined with lavender, amber, rosemary, musk and patchouli. 

This lasting, refreshing aroma will soon become your go-to choice for times when you need a dash of extra self-confidence to get through the day. 

Biotique Fragrance Fresh Neroli Eau De Cologne

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Boys wear mists, men wear perfumes, legends wear colognes. We’re not exaggerating. Colognes have an inexplicable charm, which makes them a classic choice you can’t go wrong with. 

The Fresh Neroli cologne from Biotique is just the kind that perfectly complements your summer-time needs. The combination of bittersweet grapefruit and citrus, augmented with woody undertones, makes this a heady fragrance that will lend you a sensual appeal. Yet, the aroma is subtle enough to make this cologne perfect for daytime wear. 

One8 Blanc Eau De Toilette Blends

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You don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to get your fragrance game on point. The One8 Blanc Eau De Toilette Blends makes the perfect case in point for the fact that you can find a bankable fragrance on a budget too. 

The refreshing aroma of this EDT hits all the right summer notes, leaving you feeling fresh and energized through the day. 

Ulric De Varens Black Eau De Toilette

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Speaking of pocket-friendly quality fragrances, the Ulric De Varens Black is another one to keep on your radar. This long-lasting EDT has an extremely refreshing and invigorating aroma that stems from zesty top notes of bergamot, green apple and grapefruit, supported by a noticeable hot of geranium, white flowers, rosemary and pine tree. 

There is also a touch of tobacco and musk in the base notes that enhances the allure of this fragrance and contributes to your enigmatic charm. 

Skinn By Titan Amalfi Bleu

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Prepared to be transported to the hypnotic landscape of the Amalfi Coast with this exotic fragrance from Skinn By Titan. The perfume stands out for its diverse notes – a combination of top notes of galbanum, lavender and citrus with a subtle hint of orange flower and vetiver. The base notes of musk and moss accentuate the top notes and enhance the refreshing appeal of this fragrance. 

Want to bowl over your date? Or make your significant other go weak in the knees by being in your sheer proximity? A hint of Amalfi Bluer ought to do the trick. 

UCB United Dreams Aim High

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If you are more inclined toward strong, masculine fragrances, the UCB United Dreams Aim High will be right up your alley. The EDT has a strong aroma that is instantly refreshing. With a mix of woody, spicy and citrusy notes, this perfume makes for an irresistible, heady formulation. 

Lemon, mint, sage, grapefruit, patchouli, nutmeg and vetiver – this perfume has all the right elements of a bona fide summer fragrance. 

Essenza Di Wills Inizio Aqua

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Aqua undoubtedly qualifies as one of the quintessential summer notes. This EDT from Essenza Di Wills delivers it with a rejuvenating blend of amber, bergamot, tonka beans, rosemary, vanilla, lemon, sage and mandarin. The result? An impressive aroma that is masculine and zesty in equal parts. 

Nike Up Or Down Deodorant

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The trickiest time to stay and feel fresh during the summers is when you’re working out. The profuse sweating can make it near impossible to not fall prey to body odour and overwhelmingly greasy, sticky feeling. Well, not if you use the right deodorant. 

A generous hit of a tried-and-test deodorant spray like the Nike Up or Downright before your exercise regime can help counter body odour by neutralising the bacteria build up on the skin’s surface. Besides, that soft but noticeable aroma can keep your spirits high, motivating you to go the extra mile in meeting your fitness goals. 

These cool and refreshing notes are the perfect antidote to the sluggish, draining hot days. Find the perfect fit for your needs and taste, get set to power through the summer like a breeze. 

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