Makeup To Match Your Complexion – Part 4

Makeup to match your complexion – Part 4

In our final part of the feature, we show the dusky to dark ladies how to find their perfect makeup colour. Most dark women in India feel very self-conscious and often rub on fairness creams in the hope of getting a lighter complexion. They often avoid experimenting with makeup colours and like to stick to the basic brown or maroon shades. Take hope. There are ways of using the colours available in the market to your advantage.

Here’s how:

Makeup match for face: Women with dusky to very dark complexion have a red undertone to their skin. It means that warm shades will complement your skin colour. First of all, choose a red-toned foundation that matches the colour around your jaw line. Many dark women buy a shade lighter than their complexion, which can actually give a mask effect and looks artificial.

In fact, many dusky women have two-toned complexion – darker around the outer side of the face, and lighter around the T-zone and the cheeks. You may want to use two shades of foundation like amber or caramel shade and deep honey.

To get a flawless effect apply little apricot or amber foundation on the T zone of your face and cheeks and then blend in your regular deep honey foundation. However, keep the products very light to let your actual colour shine through. Don’t OD on your foundation. Apply with a light hand and blend well.

Makeup match for cheeks: If you are using two tones of the foundation, you can actually avoid using blush, just dab some compact powder for a smooth finish. Keep your blush neutral. A terracotta blush to contour your cheeks and a bronzer to highlight your face.

Makeup match for eyes: Keep eye makeup soft using beige or reddish brown colours. Shades like olive green and dark blue in metallic finish also look amazing on your lids. Kohl pencils in dark colours also play up your eyes wonderfully. Draw a thick line over your lid using a black, midnight blue, or olive green eye pencil, smudge the line and highlight the brow bone with a shimmery beige shadow.

Makeup match for lips: Deeper shades with red undertones look good on you – most dark-complexioned women have dark lips or two-toned lips. Pick creamy lipstick shades in earthy pink, orange with a rown undertone, deep red, berry, plum, copper-brown and chocolate brown.