Makeup to Match Your Complexion – Part 1

Makeup to Match Your Complexion – Part 1

We at Glow often get requests from ladies who want to know how to match the makeup colours to their complexion. In our earlier article, we talked about how to find your skin tone. Now – in this three part series – we tell you how to pick up colours matching your skin tone.

So you have fair skin tone, then here’s what you should do:

Makeup match for face: As this complexion type generally tends to have a pink skin undertone, the best foundation colour to use is either pink based or light beige. This is also the color type where blemishes and dark circles become very apparent so using the right concealer matching your skin tone is important. Pick a concealer that has pale yellow undertones like Ivory shade. Always dab your concealer in place, and then lightly apply the foundation.

Makeup match for eyes: Coming to makeup colours bright pastels look amazing on this complexion type. To do up your eyes you can actually experiment with any colour that you like be it bright pinks, lilac, pink red, powder and icy blue, shimmery green etc. If your skin is more pink-toned than yellow then use cooler colours like baby pink, powder blue, lavender and deep plum look very startling. If shadows feel too bold for you pick eyeliners in that colour. Play up your eyes. Instead of black liners pick brown, silver or dark grey liners as they highlight eyes beautifully.

Makeup match for cheeks: For cheeks, a cool shade of pink or peach blush is a nice way to warm up the fair complexion. For a glowing complexion, you can use silver shimmer powder or cream on your cheeks, chin, and forehead and the bridge of your nose or mix a silver powder with your regular foundation to get a shimmery complexion.

Makeup match for lips: For lips go for any bright colour from fuchsia to bluish red to tangerine, lilac, peach, burgundy, and nude in beige or pink. However, avoid using too much of chocolate brown which can make you look washed out or too pale.