Makeup Must-Haves For The Beginners

Makeup Must-Haves For All Beginners

Let no abundance make you feel like a nervous newbie, because, honestly, the world of makeup with all its glitz & glamour can do that to you if you’re a beginner.  However, fret not, fair maiden! With this list, you can build your perfect makeup kit, just like a pro.

Moisturiser & Primer
Start with a flawless base. Keep your skin hydrated & your pores minimal for a makeup that lasts long.

Now, this is a tricky one. Select one which suits your skin type & undertone as well as gives you your desired coverage.

Dark circles or blemishes, this magical item will help you conceal all. Choose wisely, but choose one for sure.
Pro Tip: For your face, pick one that exactly matches your foundation shade.
For the area under your eyes, go for a shade no more than two shades lighter than your natural skin tone.

An essential to own that little rosy tinge on the cheeks! Go for powder blushes as they are easier to handle.

Nude Eyeshadow Palette
Try and perfect all the tricks you want with this versatile but absolutely safe hues.

To stop the world in just one look you require a magic wand… or just an eyeliner! Start off with pencils, because they are super easy to use.

Give those enviable lashes a little more volume and definition and watch them do all the talking!

Brushes & Tools
To apply all your makeup flawlessly, you’ll need a few basic brushes and blenders in your arsenal.

As a beginner, all you need is a red and a nude.  These shades are never out of fashion and will take care of you from desk to dinner.

Q-Tips & Makeup Wipes
To correct any mistake or to wipe away all the traces of makeup, always keep ’em handy in your makeup stash.

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