5 Fun And Fruity Makeup Colours

10 Tips for Pretty Hands

The juicy colours of freshly cut fruits are so refreshing to the eye, especially in hot sweltering summer. Bring that fruity zing to your makeup with bright, and sheer shades. It is playful, intense and perky. So go ahead load up your makeup bag with oranges, strawberries, plums, and green grapes.

Orange sorbet
Bright orange adds a juicy splash of colour to lips, cheeks, and even eyes. The shade gives a warm, sunny effect, and is the ideal colour for our Indian skin tone. You can go either monochromatic by wearing the shade on your lips, eyes, cheeks all at the same time – use different textures though, or use a deeper tone to play up just one feature. For your lips pick a creamy matte formula. For your cheeks use an orange mousse blush on the apple of your cheeks.

Raspberry stain
The orangey-pink hue of raspberry is just right for those who’ve gone tired of pastel pinks, and corals. You can wear this colour on your lips and cheeks. To get this shade right you will need to mix two colours, a bubblegum pink lipstick with a deep coral one. Choose creamy texture for both. On the back of your hand mix a bit of pink and orange shades together with a lip brush, apply to the center of your lips, and then stretch towards the sides. Focus on putting more colour in the center of your lips.

Hint of mint
Green as a colour is complementary to our skin tone. It is also a great hue for highlighting brown eyes that most of us girls have. For the day time simply sweep a sheer wash of light green eye shadow over your lid. For the night you can go for two complementing shades of green eye shadows. Use a wet brush to add intensity to your green eye makeup. Take a light green eyeshadow and apply all over your upper lid till the crease. Another trick to wear green this season is to apply a minty green liner on your lower lash line.

Plum in cream
Plum is for winter you say! Not if the shade is nearly transparent and creamy. To keep it summer trendy try an intense creamy plum lipstick. If you like the sheer stained effect more then apply a burgundy gloss with a hint of red on your lips. For the eyes try an almost opaque eye shadow. To keep it fresh just apply it on your upper lid stopping a little before the outer corner of your eyes. Define with a plum liner.

Grape green nails
Pinks and oranges for the nails are common, but right now you can try a sweep of green on your tips. What’s more, you can experiment with what is being popularly called as two-toned nails, which is a take on the classic French manicure. All you have to do is pick two complementing shades of green – one light and one dark. First, fill in your entire nail with the light coloured nail polish then paint just the tips with dark coloured one, you can go vice versa.