Make Faces For A Flawless Makeup

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Did you know that if you make faces while applying makeup, you can get much better results? Because making a face a particular way can change the contours and hence, change the way you apply makeup. So here are a few techniques that will always stand you in good stead when you apply makeup:

The under eye: While applying under eye concealer, don’t look up at the light. Because you will miss seeing what you need to conceal. Tilt your chin down a little and look straight up in the mirror. This will reveal the darker areas for you to focus on to apply concealer.
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Shake your head: That’s right. When you apply foundation, use a sponge or brush to apply it in downward strokes. Turn your head from side to side (like saying no!) to check if the foundation has been applied evenly everywhere. Check the area under your chin with a tilt of the head. Blend evenly under the jaw.
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The hungry look: Get an awesome blush by sucking in your cheeks. Brush on the blush, starting at the temples and working down along the cheek bones. It’s as simple as following the lines of the bones. Look straight ahead in the mirror to ensure the blusher has been evenly applied on both sides of the face.
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It’s in the shadows: When applying eye shadow, first look straight at the mirror, and then tilt your head back slightly. You will then see the entire lid. Then apply the shadow from the base of your lashes till the crease of your eye. Raise your eyebrows to ensure even application all over the lid.
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Just winking: Apply eyeliner by raising your brows and closing one eye. You’ll get a smooth expanse to follow your eye line, starting from the outer corner of your eye. Use light, feathery strokes for a natural look.
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