3 Actives That Make Your Skin Glow

3 actives that make your skin glow

If you go by the latest things happening in the beauty labs across the world, beauty does go deeper into the skin. The latest crop of ingredients looks at repairing not just the top layer but change the structure of the skin from below. They work to repair your collagen fiber, and help the skin cells to regenerate. Thus slowing down the skin’s aging process.

Amino peptides
This ingredient works at the cellular level of the skin. The scientists at the P&G Labs found that the amino peptide, pal-KTTKS (a pentapeptide from collagen that helps build skin), can reduce the appearance of fine lines without hurting skin’s natural barriers. The scientists claim that this amino peptide complex actually mimics the result given by many clinical skin treatments. Interestingly, pal-KTTKS mimics the collagen-stimulating activity of a laser treatment. Find in: Olay Regenerist Eye Lifting Serum

Fermented bacteria
After ten years of research, the L’Oreal Laboratories have patented what it calls the Pro-Gen technology which delivers anti aging results on the skin – the technology was gene-inspired. The genetic level active contains biosylate, a product of fermented bifidus bacteria. The scientists have found this ingredient to have a major impact on the gene that is linked our skin recovery in wounds. Based on that finding the action was put in skin creams and serum by L’Oreal Lab to create new age anti-ageing range. Find in: L’Oreal Youth Code Youth Booster Serum

It is derivative of Vitamin A that helps stimulate collagen and reverse the signs of prematurely- induced photo-aging. Retinoids are natural or synthetic substances derived from vitamin A. Clinical studies have proven that the topical application of retinyl propionate, a less irritating form of vitamin A used for conditioning, is effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also smoothens skin texture and reduces the look of discoloration. Retinoids in the form of Retinyl Palmitate helps to increase skin elasticity while enhancing water barrier properties. Find in: Bio Oil