Let the Changing Trends Envelope You In Fragrance & Freshness

23rd soap optionAs with so many products in the beauty industry, bath and body care products too, reflect evolving trends all year round. Consumer expectations change and so do the myriad products that are rolled out to meet their growing demands. As a result, an ever growing tantalizing range of bath and body care products are on offer for the discerning consumer.

Savour the seasons
The changing seasons seem to strike a chord in the hearts of consumers who are seeking scents that evoke the special fragrance of each season. They associate spring with fragile florals that swirl around them; or summers with the scent of sun filled days on the beach; or the mystery of smoky winter nights. The scents of the season are here to stay.

The classic bar returns
The return of the bar soap heralds a keen desire to return to the basics in bath and body care. New formulations in bar soaps ensure greater penetration, moisturising benefits, and wonderful textures. Rich in emollients and body oils, the new breed of bar soaps offer multiple benefits along with a luxurious bathing experience.

From bars to bubbles
Giving bar soaps a run for their money is the legendary bubble bath. The epitome of luxury and fine living, bubble baths too are making a comeback. Imbued with the goodness of essential oils and natural fragrances, bubble baths are perceived as the ultimate self-indulgent luxury bath. An experience for those who want to be pampered.

Natural is always in season
A return to nature is an inextricable part of the changing trends in bath and body care products. Every year meets new demands for natural products. And a rejection of non-essential chemicals. Only environmentally friendly ingredients are sought out. And nothing but the purest butters, oils and scents are accepted. Thus ensuring natural products made with ingredients of the highest quality.

These are just some of the bath and body products that reflect the trends in the industry today. What do they have in common? They are all pure and natural.