Learn the Art of Manliness from USTRAA

Yo Rascal, are you ‘mane’taining yourself?

If you aren’t already, try USTRAA.

Folks at Happily Unmarried came up with USTRAA – the answer to the mantastic grooming concerns, and, boy, are we loving it!

While history is witness to how advertisers have effortlessly hawked products into the lives of women, men are far from being immune to that, as well. Considering how men have sneaked into the vanity tables (don’t lie, you have done that too) and used products originally made for women, it is our prerogative that we introduce you, rascal, to essentially (for the lack of a better word) – manly stuff.

USTRAA is the art of manliness. The brand has seemingly introduced men to the joys and pleasures of grooming themselves.

Hoping to exploit your inner urge to look macho, here are some downright wacky products that will help you look handsome!

Mooch & Beard Oil


All you high city Sadhus, tame your luscious beard with the Mooch & Beard Oil. Without boring you with the ingredients, we’ll directly get to business – it keeps your beard in place while strengthening it and keeping it dandruff free. The blend is light with a tinge of Cedarwood (nice & woody) and gives a shine when applied.
Verdict: 5 Yos!

Badass Sexy Face Wash


Badassery finds a new gateway –the Badass Sexy Face Wash. These products not only clears dirt but also moisturises like a charm. Absolutely top notch, the menthol in this product soothes your skin like no other. Use it daily for great effects.
Verdict: Shut Up and take my money!

Anti Hair fall Kit


Keep your mane intact with the Anti Hair fall kit from USTRAA. The kit includes a serum and shampoo – which together act as a defence mechanism against hair-fall. The product allegedly provides noticeable difference within 4 weeks.
Verdict: Double Thumbs Up.

There you go! Buy products that are worthy of your good looks. Why should girls have all the fun?

Get USTRAA and get good looking!