Learn The Art Of Concealing

Know Your Hair Condition

Camouflage is not just an army gear; it is the secret behind a woman’s flawless skin as well. With the right tools, some practice and the right shade of foundation and concealer you can defeat any blemish on your face and body.

The trick to getting a picture perfect skin is to create a cover-up that distracts rather than attracts attention. Most of us are so obsessed with the idea of concealing a blemish or a dark circle that we often end up doing the biggest makeup crime – overusing a product and creating a mask like an effect. More often than not, we try freakish shades of concealers or the wrong type of product to create a crusty layer. So, in the end, our whole effort ends up looking so fake that it fools no one.

Before you set about concealing, consider the texture, size, and colour of the blemish. Then choose your concealer and foundation accordingly. It is not always important to make a blemish disappear completely, as the nature of the mark may not allow you without looking scabby. Your aim should be to make it as invisible as possible – take the attention away from the blemish.

Types of concealers

There are many types of concealers available in the beauty stores today. If you are a beginner, then the best product to pick is a liquid, lightweight concealer – this is easy to handle and you can start with little and build it up. The other variants include creamy concealer stick to fill in acne pits, and thick concealer pancake, leave that for the professionals. When buying a concealer shade, match it to your complexion – avoid taking a lighter shade.

Way to conceal

Depending on the texture, size and the colour of your blemish you will pick up your concealer. As mentioned work with a liquid variant as it is easy to build and blend. Most importantly work in thin layers rather than putting it all at once. Depending on the tone of blemish you can apply the concealer directly on it or use it over a foundation. If you want a longer lasting effect then apply a thin layer of concealer over the blemish before applying your foundation. Always pat the concealer in place; either with your finger or a makeup brush.