Lazy Girls Hacks: Colorbar Peel Off Nail Lacquer

Lazy Girls Hacks: Colorbar Peel Off Nail Lacquer

There are few things as daintily beautiful as freshly painted nails and few things as off-putting as chipped nail polish. It is for this reason that a lot of women shy away from painting their nails regularly. And consider this part of grooming as a leisurely indulgence best saved for holidays, weekends or special occasions. What if there was a product that would save you the hassle of time-consuming manicures and vicious cycle of applying and removing nail polish? We bet you’d be picking out nail colours the way you pick out shoes to complement your attire. That’s why we bring to you the revolutionary Colorbar Peel Off nail lacquer range that can be applied in a matter of seconds and stripped off just as quickly.

Based on the manufacturer’s patented water-based formula, the new peel-off range gives the same high gloss finish and intense colour as its luxe nail lacquer range. However, the peel off variant does not have that trademark nail polish smell. And you don’t need to have a remover and cotton balls handy to get rid of it.

The Colorbar Peel Off nail lacquer is designed to give you unmatched flexibility in removing and changing the polish. The intense colour and gloss also mean that nail lacquer offers the perfect finish with just one coat. And what if you get some on your skin as you are applying it to your nails? You can simply peel it off. No more scratching and picking residual nail paint from the skin or meticulously working with a remover to make sure you can get off without compromising the colour on your nails. The water-based formula ensures no yellowing of nails even with prolonged use, and you can easily apply it on clean nails as well as over existing lacquer.

The Colorbar Peel Off is available in six different shades – First base, Smooch, Hicky, Muah!, Shiver and Lust.

For best results, apply this nail lacquer on clean dry nails and wait for five to seven minutes. Let the rich colour and shine of your nails stoke your sense of vanity. To remove, start peeling the coat from any one corner of your nail. Hold this risen portion of the film firmly and peel off.

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