Last Longer, Stay Smoother

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Month after month we see our hard-earned paychecks be eaten away by razor companies. After a few shaves, you realize the blade has gone dull and that close shave you were promised is just a broken dream. But let’s not get too dramatic; we have put together some tips to help you keep your razor last longer.

Clean During Shave
A clogged razor doesn’t do you any good. Make sure to run your razor under high-pressure hot water after every few strokes to keep that close shave smooth with just one stroke. This also helps to remove excess shaving foam, which also deters your shave.

Clean After Shave
Please do not just shake it off in some water and put it down. Clean it thoroughly. Run your razor under hot and then cool water. Once a week wash it with some soapy water to help the blades stay clean and free of gunk.

Dry &  Store It
This is the most important step. Dry your razor with a towel or tissue after every single shave. A wet razor mixed with the humidity of monsoon will attract all kinds of bad bacteria and could possibility leave you with a nasty infection or cause ingrown hairs. Do not put your razor face down in the sink. Keep it in an upright position, preferably in a toothbrush holder.

Apply Oil
Corrosion, oxidation, and rust can all be avoided by applying a protective layer of either almond or baby oil onto the shaving blade or use rubbing alcohol to sterilize the blades. As a double bonus, the essential oils are amazing for your skin.

One of the grooming’s most infamous tricks has been shared for generations. Taking a razor to your worn-down jeans will sharpen those blades. Stroke the razor alongside the denim blue jeans. This will realign the metal indentations on the blades and provide for sharper results.