Know Your Skin To Put On Perfect Makeup

Know your skin to put on perfect makeup
Beautiful face of young woman with cosmetic foundation on a skin. Beauty treatment concept

Makeup trends come and go every season, putting emphasis on certain colours and textures. It is a good sense too to pick up some colours from the season’s palette but finally make up is as individual as your finger print or at least it should be so.

The reason why we put on makeup is to look good. It is the way to hide our flaws and enhance our best features. Today most of us face a common problem of using colours that looked good on the model or the counter girl but simply looks garish or washed out when used on us. The simple answer to this dilemma is complexion.

Each one of us have different complexion. We may be generalized by the western culture as dark or olive skinned. But Indian women have complexion that varies anything from fairest of fair to duskiest of dark. “Indian complexion can be categorized under four types; starting with fair to medium, then medium to tawny, tawny to dusky and finally dusky to dark,” explains makeup expert, and director of Aroma Magic Samantha Kochhar.

All these colours are defined by your skin’s underlying colour or undertone. There are basic four types including pink or cool, yellow or neutral red or warm and olive undertones. “To decide what skin undertone you have just pinch your skin around your jaw or wrist. The colour that appears after you release the skin defines your undertone. Most Indian women have either yellow or red skin undertone,” she says.

So when you are choosing your make up colours you will have to keep in mind not only your overtone but also your undertone. It is one of the main reasons why a colour may look different on two women with same complexion. As the pigment settles on to your skin, it has to complement your skin’s undertone to enhance your overall complexion.