Know The Skin You’re In

Know your skin

Never mind your colour, complexion or texture, just love your skin, because it is the largest organ that is also the most dynamic, and is the protective barrier for all your other organs. In fact, it is the barrier that protects your body from environmental damage and micro-organism. Our skin can cover up to 20sqft, it accounts for 15 percent of our body weight, 70 percent of our skin is water, and 25 percent is protein, it is our sensory organ.

Interesting isn’t it? In fact, our skin is even more complex, and it not all on the top. The topmost layer is called the epidermis and is made up of dead skin cells, and melanin that gives you your skin tone. Below the epidermis is the dermis that has the collagen, elastin, oil glands, and capillaries to supply blood. This is the layer that gives you your skin texture and supports the top layer. The final layer is the fatty tissue layer which acts as the cushion and offers protection against sudden hurt or pain to the skin. It also ensures that your skin looks supple and feels bouncy.

Skin also helps you sweat out toxins and chemicals. So when you are sweating it out at a gym or outdoor, try to wash off the sweat instead of wiping to clear away the toxins from the top layer.

Now there are few things you can do to ensure that your skin remains in top shape. First of all avoid over scrubbing the top layer since it can cause damage to the lower layer, and leave you with a sensitized skin. The top layer also protects you from infection. The idea is to mildly slough off the dead skin layer so that your skin creams can get absorbed easily.

Another thing that is important to ensure that the collagen, the main building block, does not get depleted. So keep your diet rich with essential fatty acids and a teaspoon of pure ghee or butter daily. This ensures healthy fatty tissue layer, and strong collagen.

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