Know Your Hair Condition

Know Your Hair Condition

Basically, all of us have the same hair structure, but the condition changes due to lifestyle, genes, climate, hair care habits, and even city to city. So how you treat your hair depends not just on the natural texture but also on the condition of your scalp and strands which are often determined by the reasons we mentioned earlier.

Dry hair

So you have dry hair which happens when oil glands in the scalp are inactive and they lack moisture. This can be a natural condition and may get aggravated by exposure to the sun, using harsh shampoos and any chemical treatment. Another reason for dry hair is blocking of pores by the accumulation of oil on the scalp. They look dull and dry with split ends. “Dry hair needs a lot of care and nourishment. After shampooing, dry hair becomes frizzy. Before shampoo ends it looks dry. This type of hair breaks off easily. Scalp feels itchy and dry. Sometimes, you can observe dry flakes of skin in the scalp,” says, Dr. Apoorva Shah, Trichologist, founder Richfeel.

Caring for dry hair should be part of the daily regime. To protect them from the action of chemicals and pollution, use a mild shampoo. Avoid excess use of hair dryers and curlers on dry hair. Always go for pre-wash and post-wash conditioning treatments with hair oils, and masks. Try to go for a hair spa treatment at least twice a month.

Oily hair

According to Dr. Shah, people with oily skin have oily hair generally. Hair becomes oily because of excessive secretion of oil from glands. Scalp also gets oily. “Oily hair needs to be washed too often. You can wash them daily or every other day. For oily hair, oils and shampoos with henna and neem are very good,” says the doctor. Then you have what is called combination hair – a problem that many women face but do not understand. In this, you have a greasy scalp and dry ends with splits. In this case, you will actually have to use a shampoo for oily hair, and a conditioner for damaged hair. Avoid getting the conditioner near your scalp.

Sensitised hair

With the modern day penchant for chemical treatments on the hair, now you get what is called the sensitised hair. Such hair is fine and delicate and breaks very easily. When you go for chemical treatments like excessive colouring, straightening, you strands become very porous and breakable. You need to extra careful when taking care of such hair. Extra gentle shampoos and strengthening conditioners should be your go-to products. This kind of hair should be cared for with treatments at a hair spa and always ask for protein-based therapies to boost your hair’s natural keratin structure.

The best type of hair is the balanced hair or normal hair which has a natural shine, and the scalp is in perfect condition. It is easy to maintain, and a boon. So treat such hair well with proper care and a well-balanced diet.