Know Your Hair Care Products

Get the Look: Smokey eye, matte skin

Should you use a hair cleanser or a shampoo? Should you use a hair pack or a hair masque?

Confusing. Well, we are taking the confusion out and explaining what each product is, how it helps your hair, and what’s the best way to use it for the best hair ever.  

A shampoo is nothing but surfactant-based scalp cleanser to wash off dirt, grime, sweat from your hair and scalp. There are many variants available in the market to deal with special scalp and hair issues. When choosing a shampoo, always pick the one to deal with your scalp issues including dandruff, dryness, itchiness, oiliness etc.

Use it: Wet hair thoroughly, then take about a coin size of shampoo in your palms, you might need two dollops if your hair is long and thick. Rub the shampoo in your palms, and then start applying from the base of your neck, massaging with your fingers in circular motion and going upwards towards the crown and then move to the sides. Then gently sweep the shampoo through your hair length. Rinse thoroughly.

Conditioner is a post wash hair care product that is used to smooth down the cuticles on the hair shaft. Most conditioners have lubricants like panthenol and dimethicone that ensure that hair is smooth. Wash-off conditioners also contain moisturisers and essential fatty acids to ensure that hair shaft does not get dry.

Use it: After shampooing squeeze out the excess water and apply a coin size amount to your hair from about two or three inches away from your roots. Run it through the hair length, keep for two minutes and then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water first and then cold water as the final rinse.

Hair pack is a pre-wash hair care product which generally has nature-based or herbal ingredients that are meant for improving overall hair health. Hair packs are good when you want to revive dull, brittle hair. The ingredients help your hair at the root level, improve blood circulation, and hair growth.

Use it: Comb your hair thoroughly with a wide toothed comb to loosen dirt and dead skin from your scalp. Then scoop out the hair pack and start applying from the top of your head and on the hair roots. Apply all over your head. Keep on for at least 20 minutes to allow the actives to penetrate your scalp and heal. Wash off with your favourite shampoo, and condition. Once or twice a week can spell wonders for dull, weak hair.

Masques are conditioners with a thicker texture that have to be used once or twice a week to treat special hair concern. These contain hydrolysed proteins that penetrate the hair shaft making it stronger from inside. They also provide other treatment and a higher dose of moisture to the hair keeping it softer and smoother longer.

Use it: Post washing hair apply a dollop of masque to your hair and emulsify it along the strands for few minutes. Massage your scalp well. Keep on for about 10 to 15 minutes, and then rinse off with warm water first and then

Leave-in conditioners are light-weight hair care product that can be applied as a spray all over the hair after washing. It needn’t be rinsed out. Like wash-off conditioners, leave-ins also have moisturisers and lubricants but in a lesser percentage.

Use it: This is great for very thin or short hair as it does not weigh the hair down. Apply to towel dried hair after shampooing.

Hair serum is a hair smoothening product that has special polymers and cyclomethicone to weigh down frizzy, flyaway hair, and rough hair cuticles for a smooth finish.

Use it: Take few drops of serum in your palms depending on the length of your hair, and smooth it through dry or towel dried hair to prevent flyaways and add shine to the strands.