Know Your Beauty Potions – Part 1

Know Your Beauty Potions – Part 1

Every time you go shopping for your beauty needs, you find the beauty counters filled to the brim with some new concoction or the other. The beauty advisors trying to convince you that a serum is better than a cream, or the night cream has more of the actives than a regular moisturiser. The BB cream gives you flawless complexion and lightens your skin tone, even better than a skin brightening lotion.

For a girl with just enough time to barely cleanse and moisturise her skin and wash and wear her hair, decoding the products, and whether you need it all. In this four- part series we have made it easy for you to decide what you need, and what you can keep for later.

Cleansers for Your Face

It is a product to take off dirt, makeup, excess oil from your face. There are quite a few variants available in the market. They basically work by loosening the dirt particles from the skin, and breaking down the dead skin cells that are on the top layer of your skin, leaving your skin feeling fresh and soft. The variants are:

Cleansing lotion works best for very dry or sensitive skin types. You can also use cleansing milk in the morning to clean your face, as it’s gentler on the skin, and gives your face an added suppleness. Use this as a cleanser before applying makeup.

Use it: Apply a rupee coin size amount on your face and neck and massage in a circular motion for a few seconds and then wipe off with damp cotton or a soft muslin cloth. If you feel there’s some oily residue on your face then splash warm water on your face and gently wipe dry.

Face wash is a gel-based foaming cleanser that lathers up to remove dirt and bacteria from your skin. Face washes contain natural or artificial surfactants that have the cleansing effect. Look for soap-free face washes that have natural soap nut as the surfactant. Avoid products that show Sodium Laurate Sulfate as an ingredient, a harmful chemical for skin and environment. However, it is safer to use Sodium Laureth Sulfate, a gentle lathering agent.

Use it: Wet your face and take a small amount between your palm, as rub them together to create a lather and then apply all over your face and neck in a circular motion. Rinse thoroughly with water. Can be used after makeup remover or cleansing lotion for more thorough cleaning.

Creamy cleansing milk is a product that is between a lotion and a face wash. The texture of this product is like a cleansing lotion, but has to be used like a face wash minus the lather. It is also a soap-free, gentler option for women with dry and sensitive skin, but who like to use a face wash.

Use it: Apply all over your wet face and neck and massage in for a few seconds. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Makeup remover is an oil-based product that comes in either a cream or an emulsion format. It is used to remove the deep pigments in makeup. Makeup remover should be used to wipe away waterproof makeup, especially for the eyes and lips. These oil-based products work by melting the pigments from the skin.

Use it: If using the emulsion format, then shake the bottle well before taking some of the product in a cotton ball and sweep over your eyes and lips, keep on for few seconds. Then gently wipe away the colour from the areas

An exfoliating face wash is basically a treatment face wash that has special active like salicylic acid, alpha hydroxy acid, or glycolic acid to exfoliate the upper dead skin layer and reveal the fresh layer below. They are used to deal with skin problems like fine lines, pigmentation etc.

Use it: This has to be used like a face wash on wet face. Most are gentle enough to be used daily and is great for mature skin types, or those suffering from pigmentation.

A face scrub is a creamy or a gel-based product with mild abrasives including ground walnut shells, sugar, oatmeal or synthetic beads that are used to slough off dead skin layer. The exfoliants are in a carrier cream or oil that adds the emollient to the skin after the dead layer has been removed.

Use it: Apply the scrub after cleansing your face. Take little amount in your finger tips and rub in a circular motion focussing on the forehead, chin, cheeks and the sides of your nose where dead skin tends to get deposited more.

A powder skin polisher is a daily use skin exfoliant that is a cleanser and a scrub combined in a unique powder form. The powder emulsifies into a foamy texture when missed with water. The powder is often rice-based with special additives like salicylic acid or AHA to brighten the skin. It is also ideal for those with very dry skin.

Use it: Take an amount of powder in your wet palms to get a creamy paste by rubbing them together, then apply on your face like a regular face wash in a circular motion. Rinse thoroughly to get brighter, clearer skin.