Keep Your Lipstick On

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You so lovingly and precisely put on that lipstick in the morning, only to have it fade and vanish even before its lunch time. Worry not! Here’s a cheat for you to try and keep your lipstick bright and beautiful through the day. Despite those umpteen number of coffee you like to sip at work, your lipstick will not budge!

  1. Soften your chapped lips with moisturising lip butter then buff the lips with a soft face towel. This takes out chapped skin build-up on your lips.
  2. Apply a coat of lip balm and then wipe off excess leaving your lips smooth. Allows the lipstick to go one smoother.
  3. Take your regular liquid foundation and dab it on your mouth and your lips with a damp makeup sponge. It creates the base, nd holds on to the lipstick pigments for longest time. This also prevents the colour from bleeding out f your natural lip line.
  4. Now apply your favourite lipstick. Choose a creamy texture, and apply with a lip brush for precision.
  5. Dab some loose powder on your lips; purse them together to set the colour. Reapply your lip colour again. Repeat the process twice, and your lipstick is sealed on your lips.

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