How To Keep Your Vagina Clean & Happy

How To Keep Your Vagina Clean & Happy

You may not talk openly about what’s ‘down there’, but your vagina sure deserves some attention for the work it does. Here are some pressing concerns about the body part, answered. Also, how to take good care of it.

Vaginal Discharge
The white or clear substance that leaks between your legs when you’re not on your periods. Some days, you notice it because it makes you feel wet. On the others, you hardly notice it.

What’s Ok
Fancy hashtags on social media may have made you believe that a spot-free panty is a sign of good vaginal health. On the contrary, panties with white discharge are absolutely fine too. In fact, this can change character and texture throughout your cycle – it’s thick and stretchy when you’re ovulating and dries down closer to the end of the cycle, or your next period. If the wetness bothers use, try using a panty liner.

What’s Not Ok
Vaginal discharge that’s clear or milky-white and without a strong smell is perfectly normal. However, if you see a change in colour, notice a strong odour, or feel itchy down there, it’s time to see your gynaec, because these could indicate an infection.

Cleaning Your Vagina
Speak of cleaning, there’s the vagina and what lies outside it. While the vagina can clean itself, everything in your intimate areas, including your vulva, needs washing.

What To Do
Clean your genitals thoroughly at least once every day, using plain water and soap, preferably a gentle and unscented one. If you’re super sensitive or if soaps dry you out, try a feminine hygiene wash.

What Not To Do
Don’t use douches or pump water into your vagina, in a bid to keep it spic n span. This can kill the good bacteria within and make you prone to infections. Rather, leave the cleansing job to your body, and your vagina will do fine. Also, don’t scrub your intimate areas. A quick and gentle wash is more than sufficient.

The Undies
The panties that you use play a big role in keeping your intimate areas comfortable and healthy.

What To Wear
It’s ok to indulge once in a while, but for everyday use, cotton underwear is best. It’s absorbent and breathable, and ensures that your vagina and vulva get fresh air. When at home, you could even consider going commando.

What Not To Wear
The super tight or ill-fitting panties or thongs in your wardrobe aren’t exactly your vagina’s best friends. Sitting or walking around in them all day can be extremely irritating to your genitals. Neither is it a good idea to use synthetic underwear every single day. They’re more likely to chafe and leave you prone to infections.

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