Keep Those Pesky White Flakes Away


No matter which part of the country you live in, there is never a dearth for skin and hair problems. Dry and irritated skin, oily and acne prone skin, dandruff, hair fall, split ends, frizz – name it and you have it. The lifestyle that we lead today, to play a contributing role in these concerns that we face. Our beauty and wellness Q&A’s bring together some of the most frequently raised concerns on skin and hair care. This edition, we bring you an FAQ on those pesky white flakes that fall from your scalp – dandruff.

Dandruff sure is an embarrassing condition. Itchy scalp and flaky particles that scatter on your hair and clothes are not a pretty sight to say the least. This annoying hair and scalp condition is often the result of excessive shedding of dead skin cells. These cells clump together on the oil or sebum produced by the scalp, and appear as white flakes.

Dandruff can be caused by many different factors such as dry skin, sensitivity to hair products, excessive oil production on the scalp, overgrowth of yeast, and so on. Improper diet and stress are yet other factors that contribute to this bothersome condition. Skin infections such as psoriasis and eczemaalso result in dandruff.

Read on to know more about this condition and what you can do to improve it.

Q Can I use regular hair wash products if I have dandruff?
A: Of course, there is no harm in using regular hair wash products if you have dandruff (unless an allergy to one of them is the actual reason behind the white flakes!). However these products may not be beneficial enough to treat your condition, and in the long run, may lead to an aggravation. It is better for you to use anti-dandruff shampoos, conditioners, hair oils, serums etc. till you see an improvement or till you get rid of dandruff completely.

Q Do home remedies really help?
A: Many people find home remedies beneficial in treating dandruff and keeping it at bay. The efficacy of such remedies depends on the gravity of the condition and the kind of products you use. Some of the popular remedies include adding tea tree oil to shampoos, using apple cider vinegar sprays, getting a hot oil massage with coconut oil, applying a lemon pack and so on. While some remedies give you instant results, some others keep your scalp and hair healthy in the long run.

Q My friends tell me that I should stay away from styling products if I have dandruff. Is it true?
A: Styling products are a boon when you need to keep your hair under control from dryness, frizz etc. However thick waxes and oils can become troublesome and cause dandruff to worsen. These products create an environment that is conducive for yeasts to feed off and thrive. Avoid or restrict the use of styling gels, mousses, and hair sprays when you have dandruff, as these can be build up on your scalp and hair, and cause oiliness.

Q Is dry shampoo really a villain?
A: Washing your hair too frequently can strip your scalp and hair of their natural moisture, and that’s probably when you resort to a dry shampoo to keep your hair clean and smelling good. However not washing your enough or replacing a wet shampoo with a dry one for a prolonged period, could actually be a potent reason for your dandruff. When using such products, the oil or sebum in your scalp starts building up, creating a hotbed for those irritating flakes.  Wash your hair every two to three days to keep your scalp and hair healthy and clean. Shampoo and condition your hair well, and rinse them off well too so that there is no dandruff-aggravating residue left behind.

Q When should I take medicated shampoos?
A: Itchy and flaky scalps that do not get better with home remedies or anti dandruff products need medicated shampoos. Such products come with ingredients like Ketoconazole, Salicylic Acid etc. that are useful in controlling dandruff. However, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist before you begin using them to ensure that you pick the right product for your condition. Alternately, persistent dandruff could also be a result of more severe condition or infection that needs to be treated with medical aid.

We hope that you are able to find a suitable fix for your dandruff concerns with these tips. For more queries write to us at