Janmasthami Inspired Nail Art

Janmasthami is here and while people are getting ready to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna, we bring to you this Janmastami inspired nail art. And yes, you guessed it right, we chose Lord Krishna’s most famous and favourite adournment- the Peacock feather.

Things you will need:
Blue Glitter Polish
Green Glitter Polish
White Polish
Peacock feather nail decals
Cosmetic sponge
Top Coat & Base Coat
Water ( room temp)

Let’s get started:

glitter polish

Start off by applying a base polish and let them dry completely. For the peacock blue textured nail, start by applying a single coat of blue glitter polish.

Once dried, apply a layer of latex near the cuticle area and let it dry. Now using a cosmetic sponge, apply blue and green glitter polish. Dab over the entire nail to blend the colours until you get the desired turquoise shade.

Now peel off the latex and clean up the mess with a paint brush dipped in acetone.

For the Peacock feathers nail design, paint you middle and ring finger with a coat of white nail polish. Apply two coats for best results.

Now take a feather water decal and cut the decal according to size of your nail. Take a bowl of room temperature water and let your decal sit in there for about 10 to 15 seconds. Now remove it from the water and let it air dry for a few seconds.

Now take the decal and place it directly onto the nail. Press the decal until it’s secured. Now cut off the excess with a cuticle nipper and clean the edges with a nail art brush dipped in the acetone.

Seal the design with a top coat! And voila your Janmashtami nails are ready.

Now go and give your mom a helping hand and don’t forget to flaunt these beauties and show your unconditional love to Lord Krishna, it’s his day after all! Happy Krishna Janmasthami!