It’s Movember! And That Means You Can Grow Your Mo Anew!

It’s Movember! And That Means You Can Grow Your Mo Anew!

‘Right now’ is a great time to clean shave your face and give your facial hair a new direction. Kickstart the process immediately, if you haven’t already. It not only gives your fizzog a fresh update but also gives you a chance to spread awareness about men’s health.

Want a little help with your Mo makeover? We’re ready with recommendations.

Pencil Moustache
Sported by gents of the 40s, this style has found love atop the lips of Brad Pitt and George Clooney too. The pencil moustache sits right above the upper lip and the bottom follows the natural lip-line; you can choose to extend its length till the corners of the mouth, but don’t go beyond 5 mm. Two weeks of Mo growth is enough to dabble in this style, all you need is a steady hand, and regular shaving and touch-ups after that.

HandleBar Moustache
Perfect to up your street cred, this style takes a little effort to grow, but is worth every second you spend on it. The extra work involves washing, combing, waxing and twisting the moustache ends upwards every day. So, if you’re ready for that kind of commitment, we suggest you go for it, because no Mo is as fly as this one RN.

Horseshoe Moustache
This Hulk Hogan signature is definitely not for the faint hearted! It takes a while to grow this tough-guy Mo. You’ll need a full circle of facial hair to start with, and trimming thereafter to achieve the horseshoe shape. Grow the sides till the end of your jawline or end them a little above it for a more polished look. This style doesn’t complement every face, so make sure you amass some opinions before taking your face public.

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