5 Ways To An Invigorating Shower


What can be more invigorating than a long, cold shower in summer? Here are 5 different ways to turn a shower into an exhilarating experience:

Set up the essentials:
Make it a point to keep everything you need at hand before you start your shower so that you don’t have to step out to get anything. This includes everything from soap, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, loofah, foot scrubber, etc.

Set the right temperature:
That’s right – don’t jump into an ice cold shower. When you step under the water spray make sure it is lukewarm instead of very cold. This allows your body to adjust to the cooler temperature, and warm water also helps loosen grime and soften the layer of dead skin cells. To wake up your senses finish off your bath with a blast of cold water. It will get your blood circulation going and tone up your skin.

Wash hair first:
Take a coin size dollop of shampoo in your palms and then massage into your scalp starting from the base of your scalp, going up to the top and them clean the sides. Finally rub the shampoo all through your strands. Try a clarifying shampoo like Pantene Lively Clean Shampoo. Rinse thoroughly and condition with a shine-boosting conditioner like Dove Nutritive Solutions Daily Shine Conditioner. Rinse first with warm water and then a spray of cold water o seal in the cuticles and boost shine.

Slough off dead skin layer:
Want skin to absolutely soft and smooth after your shower, then use a good Loofah with your body wash. Use Palmolive Aroma Morning Tonic Shower Gel along with Bare Essential Loofah Pad for squeaky clean skin. The wash will clear away grime, and the Loofah will exfoliate the skin and improve blood circulation. Use it in a circular motion starting from your legs and arms and going to your back and chest for a thorough cleanse.

Soothe skin post-shower:
Gently dab your skin lightly with a soft towel, leaving skin little damp. Then apply a generous amount of after shower body oil like Passion Indulge Harmony Body Oil all over. Wait in the shower for a minute or two to allow the oil to soak into your skin. Then finish off with a blast of cool water on your body.

Dab dry your skin and get out of your shower totally refreshed.