Hydration, Rest & Nourishment – The Pat Mcgrath Way To Glowing Skin

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Pat McGrath is unarguably ‘the most influential makeup artist in the world’. The one-woman phenomenon who has worked tirelessly through the decades to create every Vogue Italia cover. She gave some of the most popular celebs their million-dollar looks, brought high drama to fashion runways, developed makeup lines for designers before launching her own luxe cosmetics brand, the Pat McGrath Labs in September last year, thus, influencing much of our choices in terms of what products we use and how we use them.

Pat Mcgrath

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What is the legend’s take on the secret to beautiful skin? In an interview to Buzzfeed’s As/Is, McGrath said, “On a day-to-day basis, I use a gentle cream cleanser and an oil-free moisturiser without fragrance or chemical additives. My personal skin care routine is driven by hydration, rest, and nourishment.”

If the most celebrated makeup artist in the world swears by it, there has got to be merit to this skincare mantra. We decode it for you:

Like the rest of our body, our skin is also mostly composed of water. So, yes, one of the best and natural ways to keep your skin duly hydrated is to get your adequate dose of water every day. In the same interview, McGrath also said that water was one of her go-to beauty products. Moisturising with the right kind of products comes a close second in maintaining your skin’s hydration levels. Using chemical-free, oil-free moisturisers that are packed with humectants such as glycol or glycerine, emollients such as shea butter or algae extracts, and occlusive such as dimethicone or cyclomethicone hold the key to soft, supple skin.

A good night’s sleep is often referred to as the ‘beauty sleep’ because your skin heals and repairs itself when you are catching up on some Zzzz’s. The skin produces new collagen during the sleep cycle, which prevents sagging, fine lines and wrinkles. If you are consistently getting less than six hours of sleep in a day, it is going to reflect on your skin much more than you’d like. Using a gentle cleanser and a night cream before going to bed can rev up cell’s regeneration process.

Your skin is a reflection of how well or poorly nourished your body is. If your body is lacking a particular nutrient, it will manifest itself in form of tell-tale signs on your skin. A vitamin E deficiency, for instance, can lead to premature wrinkling. Similarly, lack of Omega-3 fatty acids gives a dull and dry appearance to your skin. Nourishing your skin is all about striking that fine balance between using the right products and eating the right foods. Using a vitamin E serum, for instance, along with adding vitamin E rich foods such as eggs, walnuts, almonds to your diet can help you stop premature ageing in its tracks.

If there is one-key takeaway in McGrath’s beauty regime, it is that sometimes it takes the most simple remedies to bring about most effectual changes.

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